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28 February 2015


Marine Engineering
4 years
Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry
For premier Institutions such as IITs and of similar league, the eligibility for entrance exam is min. 60%. For rest, There is  no specific eligibility % criteria.
Regular and Regular
Skill Interset
1. Organising quality & team spirit,           
2. Practical thinking and common sense,          
3. Excellent technical knowledge, math and IT skills.
Marine engineering is a branch of Engineering that deals with nautical architecture and science. It is meant for research conducted in oceans and coastal or inland waters connected to the sea.  Marine Engineering is the design, manufacture and operation of ship engines and machinery. This includes the supervision of engine crew involved in operating the machines and checking for smooth functioning of all steam engines, electric motors, propulsive engines etc. Marine Engineers have the complete responsibility of the ship's technical management. They are responsible for selecting the ships' machinery, which may include diesel engines, steam turbines, gas turbines; and for the design of mechanical, electrical, fluid and control systems throughout the vessel. They also develop newer designs for the engines of sailing vessels and check the efficiency of existing equipments. New technologies like superconductivity, fuel cells and hydrodynamics are being explored in this field to make the vessels more efficient, thus supplying this field with even more interesting job propositions.
A Marine Engineer has different role to play. He starts as Junior (Fifth) Engineer, and  will proceed as  Fourth Engineer, Third Engineer,Second Engineer and lastly Chief Engineer consistantly working 6-7 years  Many marine engineering positions require an engineering license. Licensed engineers are called professional engineers or PEs and without liscence they are called as engineering cadets.
The marine engineer have to perform following types of work:--
1. Shipbuilding, boat-building and repair – working on the design, development, construction and maintenance of ships, boats and machinery.
2. Offshore oil and gas – designing, building and operating offshore platforms, rigs, pipelines and equipment
marine surveying – examining ships and offshore installations, looking at their seaworthiness, safety and maintenance needs.
3. Merchant or Royal Navy – making sure engines, instruments and systems work safely and efficiently (in the Royal Navy you can specialise in surface shipping, submarines or weapons systems).
Further Studies
1. M.E./ M.Tech. in marine engineering,     
2. M.Tech.-Material Science Engg,            
3. M.Tech.- GIS and Remote Sensing.
Target Industry
Marine Engineers are specifically qualified to join the Merchant Navy, or Gov., public and private shipping companies, Engine production firms, Ship building firms, Research bodies, ship manufacturing companies and also in the Indian Navy.   They are in great demand in the Ship building firms, oil and gas industry, steel industries,  Engine production firms where they have to design and build pipelines and other equipments.
For those who want to join Government Service can join  Directorate General Shipping of India. Marine Engineers can take up employment in different foreign and Indian shipping companies and with the port and harbor departments. The latest developments in moving natural gas from ports to the pipeline, offer excellent opportunity for future graduates looking to work portside.